Colonic Irrigation

Colon hydrotherapy involves introducing warm purified water into the colon to create a gentle cleanse.  This cleansing effect is then increased through the application of abdominal massage techniques.  Excess water and waste material is then drained using a closed system.


At Trés Chic your first treatment includes a full health assessment.  You are invited to complete a confidential questionnaire on your health history and eating habits.  Followed by discussion on aspects of food / fluid intake related to your lifestyle; the treatment itself takes approximately 45mins to 1 hour.

The colon hydrotherapy room includes a treatment / consultation room, toilet and changing area,Gowns and disposable underwear are provided to protect your modesty,  The treatment is carried out while you lie on your back, with your knees bent and feet flat on the treatment table.  Keeping your pelvis and hips covered, your abdomen is observed and gently palpated.  A sterile, disposable speculum is gently guided into the rectum.  Warm purified water then flows into the colon via the rectum through a narrow inlet tube.  This water then circulates and leaves the colon through a waste tube.

All wastes are fully enclosed so there are no smells or sounds as they are gently washed away.   Observation of the wastes reveals if food is properly digested and if fluid intake needs to be increased. Deep abdominal massage is given at appropriate times during treatment.  When the treatment is over, the speculum is gently removed.  Afterwards patients usually feel lighter and have a sense of wellbeing.

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